President’s Message

I release this message to the SSESL website, as we enter the second half of the year 2022 and at a time the members of SSESL and the entire construction industry at large, navigate through a very crucial period. The challenges around us whether social, political, technological, scientific, economic, or otherwise, require that we help each other to navigate through these extremely difficult and increasingly complex socio-economic landscapes, which profoundly impact the companies for which we work, our communities, and the structural engineering profession at large. In many instances, as professionals, we are responsible to find new avenues to overcome those new challenges. We need to think out of the box and find ways and means to use alternative structural materials due to the scarcity of construction materials. On the other hand use of efficient construction techniques with minimal material usage than the conventional construction techniques need to be promoted.  

I am humbled to note the SSESL’s continuing success over the first six months of this year, particularly in providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement of our members and sponsors and providing professional development and outreach opportunities. We will continue these initiatives, as well as add programs designed for the different areas of structural engineering and stages of your career during the remaining part of this year.

Thank you, members, for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our SSESL activities, and sponsors for your continuous support amidst the prevailing economic crisis. Our team of professionals, including all our sponsors, is a network on which I have become reliant when facing these new challenges and opportunities.

Finally, I’d like to give a special shout-out of appreciation to our Executive Committee, for their tireless work on behalf of SSESL, and to all the members, for the support they provide.

Thank you all!

Eng.( Mrs.) Tharangika Jayasundara                                                                                              05th July 2022

BSc Eng (Hons), MEng(Struct), CEng, MIE(SL), MSSE(SL), M.Cons E(SL)

President – SSESL