President’s Message

Image On behalf of the newly appointed executive committee of the Society of Structural Engineers- Sri Lanka, I take this opportunity to wish a very successful new year to all our members and the team of professionals who contribute immensely to the development of our country.

The past presidents and the members of previous committees of SSESL have worked very hard for over two decades to strengthen the ties between SSESL and other professional organizations for the betterment of the country. The new committee will continue the journey following our predecessors through the utilization of the latest technologies and communication systems efficiently and effectively.

The web site of SSESL will keep members informed of the activities of the Society and also is a platform to share your ideas that will certainly help the executive committee carry out their duties. I kindly request all our student members to become associate members as soon as they fulfil our requirements for the Associate member category. You will find useful information and eligibility criteria from our website. It is becoming mandatory for practicing structural Engineers to become a corporate member of SSESL, not only because local authorities are insisting that they do so, but also because our design courses, seminars and other CPD events, which SSESL will conduct in the near future, will include all the latest developments in the field of Structural Engineering in our syllabi. We shall also form a forum very soon to discuss your design issues and provide answers from an expert panel.

I hope that all our members will access our website regularly to get the most out of the resources available online.

Eng. N Abeysuriya