Society of Structural Engineers – Sri Lanka

Welcome to SSESL

The Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka is a professional body for Practicing Engineers and academics active in the field of structural Engineering in Sri Lanka. It has over 700 members working in all corners of the country in the field of structural engineering.

( Established in 1990 and Incorporated by Parliament of Sri Lanka Act No 40 of 2009 )

30th AGM of SSESL- 5th December 2023

30th Annual General Meeting of The Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka will be held on 5th December 2023 at Ivy Room Cinnamon Grand, Colombo. Guest talk will be delivered by Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy on ”Sri Lanka’s Economy: where is it headed?” following AGM at 5PM.


Notice to Members in all Categories

Please update your contact information in the following sheet if they are changed.



Annual Subscription Fee

Dear members, kindly make arrangements to settle the outstanding annual subscription payment.


Membership Management System

The Executive Committee of the SSESL is in the process of developing a virtual platform of “Membership Management System” (SSESL Mobile App) to improve the interaction with its community. Below are the key features of the system that users are benefitted with.

  • Member directory that keeps records of Member information, Membership Category, event participation, etc
  • Automated Member Renewal allows members sufficient time to pay their dues on time and send reminders to members on renewal before due dates.
  • Event management system that acknowledges members about upcoming events, fees, event agenda and speakers.
  • Payment processing portal which allows members to pay annual membership fee and event registration fees.
  • Member Portal facilitates its members, easy online event registration, online networking and communication with its members.
  • Members will receive quick updates and notifications.